Eurovision 2019: Tender for the postcards has opened

In a recent post of Israel Hayom, it is said that tender process for the postcards of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv has opened, while the deadline is on October 28th.

The winner, according to the newspaper, will have to research for each performing artist, select the appropriate locations and will be responsible about the makeup, outfits and hair.

In addition, the tender requires that senior staff, such as the director, the creative manager and the photographer will have experience with at least ten similar productions, and the producer must have produced at least 3 productions in the last three years, all with a minimum budget of about €1,200,000 (5,000,000 ILS).

If the pilots send to KAN and EBU get approved, shootings will take place between January and March, with the overall budget reaching up to €750,000 (3,000,000 ILS). The newspaper also states that KAN, besides the usual postcards, plans to create a 5-minute clip with all the artists.

What are the postcards?

Postcards are the short-length videos shown before each performance, which give the opportunity for technicians to prepare the stage, plus, to the commentators to provide information about the act that follows.

They usually show landmarks of the hosting countries or/and the representatives themselves visiting these landmarks. The increased interest shown by the fans for the postcards, has led the hosts to try, in any imaginative way, present them.

Also, the official account of the contest on Youtube publish each postcard for those who want to re-watch them, while many fans are ranking them from their least to most favourite postcards.

Source: Israel Hayom,

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