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Our dear, we welcome you to EurovisionFun. A website that aspires to become the hang of your information and entertainment, with a reference point, of course, to the Eurovision Song Contest.

EurovisionFun is an independent effort that was born as an idea in the summer of 2018 and has been transformed into reality over the past two months. The truth is that we are very happy about what we are presenting to you today. Another truth is that we are preparing many beautiful things in the upcoming months, hoping that you will embrace our efforts.

Our editorial team, which will be bigger in the next months, as you will see, has already worked hard to offer you all the news of our favorite contest. With us, of course, we will be the Eurovision Buddies that you met and loved the previous year, as well as new columns which will be discussed.

Something that makes us special is that EurovisionFun is the first bilingual Greek eurovision site since it supports Greek and English. By choosing the Greek or the British Flag, the language of our website changes and you can see content in both languages. We currently have articles only in Greek, but you will soon see our first English articles!

More independent, more energetic and more creative than ever, we ask you to trust us and live with us this annual musical journey that, although repeated over the last 63 years, every year, knows how to enchant us and keep our interest.


the editorial team


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