Greece: After the appointment of the new ERT’s CEO the decisions for Eurovision 2019

ERTis now without administration and has a board that can no longer meet and take decisions, because of the latests resignations. EurovisionFun asked ERT about the impact of all this situation on the Eurovision 2019 project and when we will have the official announcements for the method, the Greek broadcaster will use to select its entry for next year’s Song Contest.

The Greek broadcaster responded to our question saying that we need to be patient for the official announcements, until the appointment of the new CEO and members of the board.

Developments are very recent. We hope for the best. Thank you for your interest and immediate reflexes. We will be expecting the appointment of the new CEO and the members of the board. It is, therefore, necessary to wait.

The above statement means that the official announcements  regarding the Greek entry in Tel Aviv and the way of choosing it, we should expect them no earlier than the end of December at the best.

The Greek Government is expected to shortly begin the procedures to replace the empty positions, but this will take some time before all the statutory procedures are implemented. The time needed for that can be up to two months.

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