Greece: Nikos Ganos and the meeting with ERT

The soap opera of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 seems to have no end, as yet another has been added to the list of the contenders to represent Greece. More precisely, according to peoplegreece, Nikos Ganos has had a meeting with ERT. Nothing has been confirmed by ERT yet, but it seems that the broadcaster wants to try something different for 2019.

Who Nikos Ganos is

Nikos Ganos (or Nicko) first appeared in 2004 in the tv show Super Idol, where he placed 3rd.

In August 2010 his single Last Summer was a major hit in Greece.

Another known song is Break Me

In 2013 he took part in the tv show Your Face Sounds Familiar.

He has sung both dance songs in english and pop songs on greek. His latest single is a cover of an old Nikos Karvelas‘ hit called To Krevati (The Bed).

Would you like to see Nikos Ganos in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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