Russia: Confirmed participation for Eurovision 2019

Although there were no doubts for the opposite, the Russian broadcaster, VGTRK (RTR), confirmed it’s participation for Eurovision 2019. After Russia’s confirmation, only San Marino and Moldova have not confirmed their participation, from this year’s participating countries.

In 2019 the announcements for the Russian entry in Tel Aviv

According to the statement RTR gave to ESCKAZ, official announcements for the Russian entry in Tel Aviv, will be made in the new year.

It’s too early to say something. Shortly we will be concentrating on the New Year programming preparations, and we will start work on the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 afterwards.

It is still unknown the method Russia will use to select it’s entry for Eurovision 2019.

With Dream Team in Eurovision 2019?

Philipp Kirkorov, who was one of the composers of the last two entries of RTR in the competition, along with Dimitris Kontopoulos on both occasions (2014 and 2016), posted a photo in Instagram, showing him with the Greek composer and Elias Kokotos, saying that Dream Team starts it’s adventure for May. Many then thought that Dream Team will be in charge for the next Russian entry in Eurovision.

In the previous month, Dimitris Kontopoulos traveled in Moscow for unknown reasons. During his stay there, we saw him through his social networks in a studio, recording new songs. Of course, this trip could be for any reason, whether for Eurovision or not. Moreover, Dimitris Kontopoulos collaborates with many Russian artists and that is why he is often there. But it could also be for Eurovision, recording for example some demos, with potential candidates.

Kontopoulos Kokotos

The common Eurovision history between Dimitris Kontopoulos and Philipp Kirkorov

Philipp Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos have collaborated in six previous entries. They started in 2007 with Belarus and Work Your Magic. The following year, a breath from victory came with the Shady Lady  for Ukraine. In 2013 they also took achieved a second place, with Azerbaijan this time and Hold Me. In 2014 they represent Russia for the first time, with Shine. In 2016, they won in televoting and ranked third in general, again with Russia and You’re the Only One. This year, they represented Moldova with My Lucky Day. It is worth noting that all their entries ended in the top 10 of the final score.

Will their seventh time  be their lucky?

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