Sweden: Which artists are competing in Melodifestivalen 2019?

Even though Melodifestivalen‘s first semifinal is on February 2 in Gothenburg, Swedish media are already making their own predictions and estimations of the artists who are likely to or almost certain to compete and represent Sweden in Eurovision 2019.

Both Aftonbladet and Hänt, as every year, so this year they dedicate a lot of reports to the favorite national final of Eurofans, Melodifestivalen. We gathered all the names they show as potential candidates and we present them to you. But let’s get them from the beginning.

Confirmed Candidates

The only confirmed candidates for Melodifestivalen 2019 are The Lovers of Valdaro. They won the P4 Nästa competition at the end of August and thus gained the right to participate in one of Melodifestivalen semifinals. The song they won at P4 Nästa is not the one they will join in the Swedish national final since it was released earlier than the permitted date of September 1, 2018. So far, no artist who participated in the Melodifestivalen through P4 Nästa, did not even qualify for the second chance.

Certain candidates according to Aftonbladet

According to the large Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, four artists have already secured their place in the semi-finals of the Melodifestivalen.

The first and best is Nano, who, in 2017, reached so close from the Eurovision dream, as he won the public vote in Melodifestivalen’s final with Hold On but lost in general from Robin with the support of the jury.

Another veteran of Melodifestivalen, Wiktoria will try as it seems for the third time. After her two failed attempts to represent Sweden at Eurovision, in 2016 and 2017, finishing fourth and sixth respectively, in 2019 the young singer returns according to Aftonbladen.

Another well-known artist who is believed to be present at Melodifestivalen 2019 according to Aftonbladet is Oscar Enestad. Oscar also has experience with Melodifestivalen, after finishing 11th back in 2017 as a member of FO & O and the song Gotta Thing About You.

Another comeback is the pop/rock band Arvingarna  that represented Sweden at Eurovision 1993, with the  song Eloise, finishing seventh. They also took part in Melodifestivalen in 1995, 1999 and 2002. They want to make a record in the competition, as if they win, they will make the greatest time comeback ever made by an artist (26 years), surpassing our own Anna Vissi now holding the record (24 years).

An artist who is here to make impression is Jan Malmsjö, 86 years old. He finished second in Melodifestivalen back in 1969 and now, 50 years later, he wants to get revenge.

Next one is Anton Hagman, aged 20, that returns to the contest. In 2017 he made the surprise at the Second Chance Round with the song Kiss You Goodbye, as he won over Loreen’s Statements.

Last but not least, Bishara Morad is likely to be a contender, celebrating his 16th birthday two weeks before the final of Melodifestivalen (thus being able to participate in Eurovision). He has become known through his social accounts where he publishes various song covers.

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Who are likely to return according to Aftonbladet

In addition, Aftonbladet mentions some other artists who think as a possible return, but not as certain as the previous artists.

These are known names of the Swedish pop scene that have participated again in the Melodifestivalen.

We start with the oldest, Ann-Louise Hanson, 74 years old. Ann-Louise, who has been on the scene since the 1960s, and holds a unique record. She has competed in Melodifestivalen a total of 13 times without winning any time. Her love for Eurovision is so big, she even tried to represent Germany unsuccessfully. Do you think she will make it this time?

A name we might remember is John Lundvik who came close to winning this year, with his very melodic and festal ballad, My Turn. He has even sung for the royal family of the country.

Jon-Henrik Fjällgren, who represents traditional Sami music, appears to be in Melodifestivalen for the third time. He already has a second (2015) and a third (2017) place in his record, and he is the desire of many eurofans to see him on the stage of Eurovision.

No words are neeeded to say about Magnus Carlsson and his experience at Melodifestivalen. He has been a member of Alcazar, with whom he has often tried to step on the stage of Eurovision. He also participated as a soloist, last time in 2015.

Margaret became known all over Europe when, in 2016, Cool Me Down, with which she participated in the national final of Poland, became a huge radio hit. This year seh tried with a similar song at Melodifestivalen in Sweden, reaching the final. She seems to have liked it and so will try again.

Potential candidates according to Hänt

The two names that are presented as potential candidates by the youth magazine Hänt are Ben Mitkus and Vlad Reiser.

Ben is of Lithuanian origin. He has participated in various talent shows and other realities. He became known mostly through his channel on YouTube that has over 500,000 subscribers.

Finally, Vlad Reiser is also a YouTuber and presenter. If he is among the Melodifestivalen candidates, this will be his first professional attempt at singing.

Which of the above artists would you like to see representing in Tel Aviv?

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