Cyprus: The second quiz for the 2019 Eurovision entry

CYBC through it’s official account for the Eurovision Song Contest in Facebook, revealed the second quiz, inviting us to discover various elements of Cyprus’ entry in the upcoming contest.

After the first quiz, which indicated us that Alex Papaconstantinou and Teddy Sky are the composers of the next Cypriot song in the contest, now CYBC is inviting us to discover the relation of another song with their participation.

This is High On Life by the Dutch Dj, Martin Garrix. The song was released last summer and achieved to enter the charts of several countries, reaching Belgium’s No1 and No12 in the Netherlands.

Composers of High On Life are Albin Nedler and Kristofer Fogelmark. Is the connection between the two songs these two creators? Meaning that both of them worked with Alex Papaconstantinou and Teddy Sky? It seems very likely.


The answer to the second quiz is that Albin Nedler and Kristofer Fogelmark have worked together again in the past, with Alex Papaconstantinou. In 2015 they co-wrote Tamta’s Unloved which supposed to be her song in the Greek national final that year. Tamta lost the deadlines so she didn’t take part, although the song became a big hit in Greece and Cyprus. Now Tamta is rumoured to be the Cypriot artist for Eurovision 2019.

Which do you think is the relation between High On Life with the participation of Cyprus in Eurovision 2019?

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