Greece: Marietta Fafouti is the first artist ERT plans to approach – Exclusive

For the very first time, ERT’s team responsible for the Eurovision project had a meeting earlier today, with the first proposed artists wirtten down on the list.

As we have previously mentioned, ERT is planning to choose the artist through internal selection.

The name that is on top of the list is no other than the 38-year-old Marietta Fafouti. Marietta is a well known artist in recent years in Greece and has signed songs for many of her colleagues, advertising campaigns, television and theater.

She has been honored with many music awards, while her song Kookoobadi, with over 1 million views on YouTube, was awarded as the best song for 2012 by Athens Voice.

Marietta’s name was around the Eurovision media since 2016, inasmuch as she was amongst the artists ERT approached before announcing ARGO as the representatives of Greece.

Marietta Fafouti belongs to the music label of Feelgood Records. Even though Marietta is the first artist ERT will approach, there were other artists proposed by the team. Beside the artists, the team proposed a very well-known virtuoso female composer – we will not reveal her name at this stage.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for more information about the Greek representative in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. 

Source/Image: EurovisionFun/Alexandros Katsis

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