This is the way ERT will choose the Greek entry for Tel Aviv

Because of the limited time that exists now, but also for some other reasons, ERT decided to choose its next representative for the Eurovision Song Contest via an internal selection. The selection will be made by the artists, who will be proposed by the committee responsible for the Eurovision project. The first meeting of the committee will take place on Monday 7 January in ERT’s headquarters in Athens.

According to what has been told to EurovisionFun by ERT Director of International Relations, Mrs. Maria Koufopoulou, ERT will first come to the artist and then the choice of the song will be based on the style and the kind of music that the chosen singer serves:

We have decided to give the opportunity to the members of the committe to propose names, which we will then approach. The official announcement of the committee’s members has not yet come because some members are missing for holidays and we want to meet all together before finalizing the press release. A meeting is expected next Monday.

Chairman of the committee that will have a leading role in the artistic editing of the Greek entry in Tel Aviv, is the well-known music composer, Dimitris Papadimitriou, who composed the music theme which was used in the opening ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, in Athens.

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