Greece: ERT announced Katerine Duska for Eurovision 2019

Moments ago ERT formalized what we had already informed you since January 14th. Katerine Duska will be the Greek representative at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv next May. The song she will perform at EXPO Tel Aviv will be revealed in a later time, probably in March.

How was Katerine Duska choosen?

The ERT Committee, set up for the selection of the artist who will represent Greece at Eurovision 2019, at its first and all meeting, set out the directions to follow. Despite what was written and said in most Greek media, most of the country’s record companies chose not to get involved with the Greek representation in this year’s contest. Any suggestions made by the ERT Committee were to artists and not to the record labels, since the Greek public television has undertaken the financial cost.

Dimitris Papadimitriou, chairman of the committee, was late to address the first formal proposal to the 33-year-old singer Katerine Duska, who belongs to  MINOS EMI.

In a very short time, Katerine responded positively and after the necessary formalities and the end of the serious political developments of the past few days in Greece, ERT decided to reveal Katerine as the Greek representative in Tel Aviv today.

Who is Katerine Duska?

Katerine Duska was born and raised in French-speaking Montreal, in Canada by Greek parents. She studied classical guitar at the Music Academy and sang under the guidance of her distinguished vocalist Eleni Melissidis, who exposed her in the world of classical music. She studied and interpreted aries and lieder by Verdi, Mozart and Schubert but also a more modern repertoire. Ultimately, however, the most recent influences gained her.

She started experimenting with the composition when as a teenage girl, moved with her family to Greece. She studied law at the University of Athens but very soon she realized that music was what she really wanted to follow professionally. She was first introduced to the Greek audience in 2013, through the success of “One In A Million”.

In September 2015 she released her first completed album entitled “Embodiment”, in lyrics and music of her own. Her most bass tone is traveling us to the black voices of past decades!

The Greek entry is composed by Katerine herself and by Leon of Athens. In addition, her new album, including her own tracks, will also be released in the coming period.

Do you think, Katerine can bring Greece back to success at the Eurovision Song Contest?

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