Greece: With a european ballad in Eurovision 2019

We are finally into February, and as we have informed you previously, Katerine Duska is the next representative of Greece in the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, leaving us now to listen to the song.

With a contemporary european ballad in Eurovision 2019

Even though some members of the greek committee responsible for the Eurovision project have publicely said that it will be a pop song or that it belongs to the independent music scene of Athens, EurovisionFun is ready to announce that the song Katerine Duska will perform, is no other than a contemporary european ballad, a song Greece has never sent before in the contest. 

When we will have a formal announcement?

ERT was about to make official announcements by the end of January, but it delayed due to procedural reasons. As we have informed you, ERT this year will cover most of the expenses. This means that in the contract to be signed between ERT and MINOS EMI to which Katerine Duska belongs, all aspects should be listed in every detail. A process that is time-consuming, which needs to be done with due care.

The head of press of the Greek delegation, Mrs Irini Giannara, in recent talks with us, said that ERT will announce the name of the artist and the title of the song, once all these procedural details have been arranged, hoping this week, but that is not a given yet.

They certainly do not intend to spin it out any further. The song will be heard at a later time and not with the artist’s announcement. Mrs. Giannara promised a lot of surprises and really beautiful things that ERT is preparing this year for the contest, which will be unfolded in the near future.

Stay tuned in EurovisionFun for everything regarding the Greek participation in Eurovision 2019!

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