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Romania: Wiwibloggs explains why they changed their minds regarding Laura Bretan’s “Dear Father”

In Romania, things seem to calm down after the unexpected results and the “strange” way Wiwibloggs voted, totally opposed to what they had said earlier in their video, commenting on the entries of Selectia Nationala.

Wiwibloggs found Dear Father wonderful and On A Sunday a bit borring, but when it was time to vote as Selectia Nationala jury’s members, they only gave 4 and 6 in the first song and two sets of 12 points in the second.

In their new videos where they commented on the victory of Ester Peony, they explained in detail the reasons that changed their minds and gave the points they gave:

Before I came here I did not know anything about this song was not on my favorites list, it meant nothing to me. But having seen it on stage, I was impressed, it was a nice show that had an idea. She has a gift, she is very beautiful, she has everything she needs and she is very sensual. It was the “fire” that touches all your attention.
I wanted to give my 12 to Laura or Bella, but I decided to vote with my heart. I gave him 12 points with all my heart, not because I did strategies related to Laura.
I liked Laura Bretan, her performance was good, but to be honest, we were bored. Yes, I was impressed by the voice, but here we want a complete package.

Do you agree with the reasons they gave to explain their behaviour?

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