Maruv will support Sergey Lazarev in Eurovision 2019

The Ukrainian singer Maruv plans to support Sergey Lazarev at the Eurovision Song Contest, telling that they are connected by an “interesting common story”. Reports on NTV.

I will support everyone … Clearly,we have a very interesting interesting story with Sergey, so I will support him. But besides this, I want to see other performances, support those artists who will do a good performance and something interesting.

Furthermore, in an interview with UNIAN, Maruv noted that she no longer intends to participate in the national selection for Eurovision. In addition, the singer spoke about the upcoming tour in Russia and a solo concert in Moscow.

Maruv was the winner of the Ukrainian national final, Vidbir. However she didn’t accept to sing the contract the Ukrainian National Broadcaster asked her, so she lost the right to represent her country in Tel Aviv. After that all the other finalists of Vidbir denied to take Maruv’s place, so Ukraine decided to withdraw from the contest.

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