Australia: Sheldon Riley one of the favourites to win in The Voice, hopes for a Eurovision participation

It may have just been one month since the final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest, but we have the first artists to announce that they are willing to take part in next year’s contest in the Netherlands. One of them is Sheldon Riley, who has caused more than a sensation in Australia’s The Voice that is currently being broadcast in the country.

This year in Australia they decided to host The Voice All Star. This is the classic form of the talent show, but it involves contestants who have stood out in previous versions of the show, as well as in other similar shows broadcast in Australia (X Factor, Australia Got Talent etc).

A participation that has been distinguished and is already in the final which will be displayed in the coming days is Sheldon Riley. Sheldon managed to win the third place in The Voice last year. This year, however, he came a lot more ready, playing a character with a special look, has won the interest of the Australian audience, and has achieved millions of views on YouTube.

Sheldon through his personal account at Instagram has already declared his desire to represent Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. The only thing left is to sign up for the Australian Decides, which will take place in 2020 at Gold Coast.

Australia was represented this year by Kate Miller-Heidke after her victory in Australia’s first national final for Eurovision Song Conteston, Australia Decides. Zero Gravity with which he participated in the contest, managed to reach the 9th place in the grand final with 284 points, bringing another top10 result for Australia.

Do you think Sheldon Riley would be a good choice for Australia in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

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  1. Di
    Di says:

    I believe jack Vidgen would be far better choice more professional and poise and not as theatrical and famous within Australia , far better choice .

  2. Caroline Robertson
    Caroline Robertson says:

    I think Sheldon would be amazing representing Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest. He is such an amazing singer and performer. Good luck, Sheldon, you will do Australia proud.

  3. Debbie Van Taarling
    Debbie Van Taarling says:

    I think Sheldon would be amazing representing Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest….He would do us all proud and I think he could win it as well….vote 1 for Sheldon

  4. Eve
    Eve says:

    Sheldon Riley and Jack Vidgen should sing together in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, but either singer would be a fine choice with the right song.

  5. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    I’m Italian and I watched the voice Australia only for listen to Sheldon..
    He’s amazing, love his performance on the stage and his unique voice
    I really hope to see him on Eurovision


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