Changes in the EBU statutes have not been aprooved – Kosovo can’t apply for full membership of EBU

The vote at the EBU General Assembly, held in Oslo, was just completed. Changes in the statute that would help Kosovo joining the union have not been accepted, and so they will have to wait more time to make their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The proposed statute changes were not accepted

The changes to the statutes that were promoted by a number of countries and for which we had informed you in our previous article, were not accepted by the majority of the members of the EBU.

The basic change, which was photographic and aimed at entering Kosovo into the EBU, was the abolition of membership of the International Telecommunication Union as a prerequisite for the admission of a public broadcaster to the EBU.

Kosovo as a non-UN member can not acquire the status of an international telecommunication association and therefore can not become a member of the EBU.

The result of the vote

Before the start of the vote, 17 countries, including Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Serbia called for a secret vote on the issue. The request was accepted and the vote that followed for the changes to the Articles of EBU’s statutes was secret.

Finally, of 1186 voters, 673 voted NO and 400 YES, while 113 abstained.

Kosovo can’t take part in EBU’s events

This puts an end to the chaos that almost every year exists and wants Kosovo to make its maiden appearance in the Eurovision  Song Contest. The only solution to the existing data for Kosovo’s entry into the EBU is the definitive resolution of its problems with Serbia and its subsequent membership in the UN.

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  1. Jon
    Jon says:

    Our vision is under the political pressure and seems like it’s going down downhill.I wish all Kosovars the best and they do have a best singers in the world such as Rita Ora Bebe Rexha Dua Lipa etc. etc.

    • Lilly
      Lilly says:

      Kosovo is an autonomous region of rep Serbia.I quote resolution 1244 of UN..
      Signed by the siptari..
      Agreed by siptari.
      The countries that recognized kosovo are the ones that run before they could walk.Kosovo is rep Serbia.

        • Eurovision fun
          Eurovision fun says:

          With all respect to freedom of expression, you are kindly reminded to provide comments free from insults or any aggressive tone. Any such posts will be deleted.

      • Josh
        Josh says:

        Looks like you google translate is doing justice on you you just read the face not the fiction that 1244 is done and dust soon or later Serbs and the rest will wake up and accept the reality but the other party last 2 years the kosove been in top charts in world

  2. Fito
    Fito says:

    Being a weak country it’s ok but, being racist like many countries in “EU” (serbs, Greece, etc), its against the todays law!!
    So does “law” exist in our society?
    Hell big NO…..So plz plz stop being “understandably” in this planet!
    You are not worth a sh*t!!

  3. Fito
    Fito says:

    Lilly, just go.bk to your russia mother OK!!.
    U know what I mean, don’t you?
    Your place of birth is above Romania and so on, up up up go go go go…

  4. Angel
    Angel says:

    Kosovo is part of Serbia and Serbia already is in the contest so what people want? This year serbian girl who is from Kosovo and Metohija was in Eurovision representing Serbia. Kosovo dont exist as independent country and of course how can be in the contest?

  5. Vali
    Vali says:

    Angel Sweetie, Kosovo has Raised many Big Talents whom World knows but ignorant people such as U can’t admit! As per “Metohija” this ideology have put Serbia Far behind & if U continue so Never will move on forward!! Wake up Luv it’s 21’st Century Old ideas has proven wrong just Look at Croatia how Far Forward has gone!..


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