The proposed changes to the EBU’s statute having as aim Kosovo’s entry to the union

According to confirmed information on the upcoming EBU General Assembly, which is held tomorrow in Oslo, the proposed changes to the association’s statutes are “photographic” and are aimed at helping Kosovo’s entry into the EBU.

The basic change promoted by a number of countries is the abolition of membership of the International Telecommunications Union as a prerequisite for the admission of a public broadcaster to the EBU.

In order to understand what this condition means, which for years has prevented Kosovo and other “states” with controversial legal personality from becoming members of the EBU, it is worth mentioning that only the countries that are members of the UN can become members and in the International Telecommunications Union.

Abolishing this term will spark the green light in both Kosovo and other disputed areas that have unilaterally declared their independence.

Greece, Cyprus, Serbia and Spain are reacting

Greece, Cyprus, Serbia and Spain, for obvious reasons, are reacting to that decision which will cause chains of problems.

If this change passes, then there is a great chance of seeing in the future “countries” that lack full international recognition to apply for EBU’s membership, causing problems and reactions with unpredictable consequences.

The issue is very serious and EurovisionFun will be following it closely by bringing you any developments.

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