Eurovision 2020: “Come closer” the Maastricht slogan for the event. Watch the promo trailer

After the Dutch publication, which wants Maastricht to be the city that the EBU prefers to host Eurovision 2020, the European Union’s city -symbol now shows that it has the most dynamic and full-fledged candidacy than the remaining ones.The city presented,in social networks,the slogan, as well as the promotional video of its candidacy.

“Come closer” the proposed slogan of Maastricht
With a barrage of post on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Maastricht is the first city to unveil part of the dossier, which will be deposited by Wednesday, July 10, on the country’s public television.

In the pictures and videos released by the Municipality of Maastricht, it is clear, of course, not only the city’s attractions, but also teenagers  wearing t-shirts with the distinctive “Come closer” slogan.

The Mayor of Maastricht, Annemarie Penn-te Strake, who has already come out strongly in favor of her city’s candidacy, in her statements characterizes the city as the ideal venue for the next Eurovision Song Contest.

“An internationally recognized city at the crossroads of Europe. A city that has everything and is still forgotten, full of character and atmosphere. The capital of an area that embraces all its visitors, where you can go as you are!”

Watch the promo video of Maastricht’s candidacy below:

Maastricht proposes MECC Maastricht to host the Eurovision 2020 with a capacity of 20,000 spectators. The  Maastricht’s candidacy is also supported by the region of Limburg.

Why is Maastricht the symbol of Europe?
Maastricht is a municipality and capital of the province of Limburg. The city is located on both sides of the river Meuse in the southeastern part of the Netherlands between Belgium and Germany.

In the Middle Ages, the city was the pinnacle of the dispute between the Netherlands and France, which, because of its highly strategic position, had been coveted by both. SO, it was changing possession throughout the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

After the Napoleonic era, Maastricht became part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1815. When the southern provinces claimed independence from the north to form Belgium in 1830, the Maastricht guard remained loyal to the Dutch king, and in 1839 the city and eastern part of Limburg, although geographically closer to Belgium, were permanently added to the Netherlands.

Because of its subsequent eccentric position, Maastricht often focused more on Belgium and Germany than on the rest of the Netherlands, which contributed to the distinct non-Dutch character of the city.

On September 14, 1944, Maastricht was the first Dutch city to be liberated by Allied forces during the Second World War where the 9th US Army Headquarters was stationed for some time.

On 7 February 1992, the Treaty of Maastricht, which led to the creation of the European Union,was signed here, and which Toto Cutugno sang for in 1990 at Eurovision,winning first place for Italy with “Insieme”.

Rotterdam, considered by many to be the favorite of Eurovision 2020, is worried about Maastricht’s increasingly dynamic bid, and has made its counterattack. As it is written today in the domestic media, the event, if will be held in Rotterdam, will be boosted by 15 million Euros more from the municipality’s funds.

In addition, according to what is reffered in the Rotterdam candidacy bid, 3,000 rooms in hotels in the city have already been reserved so that they can be assigned to the delegations and accredited journalists who will come to Rotterdam for the contest.

The venue proposed by Rotterdam for Eurovision 2020 is Rotterdam Ahoy, with a capacity of 16,500 seats.

The five remaining cities claiming Eurovision 2020 are:

3.Den Bos

Dutch public broadcaster and EBU will announce the city that will host Eurovision 2020 in August.


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