Malta: Destiny to compete in “X Factor”

17-year-old Destiny Chukunyere, who won Junior Eurovision in 2015, is a candidate for the “X Factor” which will be aired on public television in the coming months, making the winner of this talent show the Malta’s  representative in 2020 ESC.

In 2015, Destiny brought Malta to the first place in Junior Eurovision. with her amazing voice and retro song, “Not My Soul”. A year later she took part in Britain’s Got Talent, reaching the semifinals. This year, she participated in the vocals of the Maltese mission to Tel Aviv, assisting on stage with Michela, who represented her country after her X Factor victory.

The possibilities to see Destiny representing Malta in the Netherlands is high, as both Maltese fans and public broadcaster seem to believe very much in her voice.

To do so,she must be the winner of the X Factor, which will be broadcast on Malta’s public broadcaster in the coming months for the second consecutive year, giving the winner of the talent show a chance to represent the country in  at the Eurovision Contest.

Destiny seems to be chasing the dream and this opportunity, as local media reports have already qualified for the bootcamp, from which the photo below

The set of contributors (reviewers, presenter) will be the same as the previous season altough it is not yet announced the date of broadcasting,which is expected from October, if,of course, the timetable will be followed.

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