News from Russia: 4 new hits!

Summer is already here and 4 of the most known and beloved Russian stars have already released their new songs! We are talking about Sergey Lazarev, Dima Bilan, Elena Temnikova and Philipp Kirkorov.

Sergey Lazarev – “Lovi” (Catch)  

After his 3rd place at Eurovision, Sergey’s back in Russian charts with a song that is completely different from his previous ones! Giving us some 90s romantic summer vibes, Sergey tell us about a passionate, unconditional love. It’s about a slow tempo song which brings to mind a sense of a “light night breeze”, as song says.


Dima Bilan – “Belye Rozi” (White Roses)

This time Dima decided to share his nostalgia with his fans by releasing a new song which is actually a collection of some old songs taken from 80s and 90s. This song really reminds of old soviet romantic movies and the artist himself motivates his fans to go back to old classic songs of this era. Plus, a new music video for “Belye Rozi” is coming soon.


Elena Temnikova – “Zhara” (Heat)

Right after Lazarev’s Lovi, Elena Temnikova released her new summer hit “Zhara”. This song follows a slow rhythm, speaks about a crazy love and shows Elena’s unique voice. Let’s see how high in charts it can go!


Philipp Kirkorov – “Stesnienie propalo” (Restraint is gone)

This year Kirkorov reminded everyone why he holds the title of the king of Russian pop music as he released 3 top hits, helped Sergey Lazarev in his Eurovision journey and toured all over Russia with his “Ya” show at the same time! This month he released one more hit “Stesnienie propalo”, which questions the meaning of morality nowadays. No matter how interesting this description may seem, the music video is once again the most interesting of all. The views speak themselves!


And what do you think? Which one of these songs do you like the most?

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