Malta: The X Factor launches on October 6th

The country’s public broadcaster, TVM, has announced that the second season of “The X-Factor” will launch on October 6, but it has not been clarified if Malta will choose its representative for the Eurovision 2020 Music Contest through this show.

The game’s auditions have already been completed, with the Six-Chair Challenge taking place on September 20 and 21.

The panel of judges will be the same as last year. Ira Losco will once again be one of the 4 judges to take part in the talent show. The well-known singer has already participated twice in the Eurovision contest. It was the first time in 2002 in Tallinn, Estonia, with the song “7th Wonder” and took the 2nd place with 164 points. The second time was in Stockholm in 2016, when she reached the final with ‘Walk on Water’ and finished 12th with 153 points.

While the other three chairs belong to: Howard Keith Debono, manager of the most prominent Maltese artists, Ray Mercieca, composer and producer, having worked mainly with bands, and Alexandra Alden, who lives in the Netherlands, although Maltese in origin, having her assets. already two very successful albums, to complete the jury’s four.

X Factor Malta’s presenter will be Ben Camille, well-known in Eurofans, having presented both the MESC and the last Junior Eurovision in Malta in 2016.

This year, 18-year-old Michela emerged victorious and traveled to Tel Aviv with the song “Chameleon”, ranking 14th with 107 points.

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