Bulgaria: Back to Eurovision again

This day started with a pleasant surprise for the Eurovision constitution and the Europeans all over Europe . Bulgaria is returning after this year’s absence from the contest for financial reasons, according to BNT General Manager of the country’s public broadcaster Emil Kuslokov.

One major sponsor will cover all costs of Bulgarian participation in Rotterdam

The Director General of BNT today announced that Bulgaria will be present at Eurovision 2020, having already confirmed its participation in the EBU.

A major sponsor will cover all costs (from participation fee, to travel, subsistence, stage presentation, video clip, costume, etc.). The sponsor will be present at a special press conference soon. The relevant amount is expected to be between 400,000 and 500,000 Leva.

“Many people have money, but few invest in culture. Therefore, I feel the need to thank the sponsor for what he does for the BNT. It’s not money thrown into the wind. Bulgaria had strong performances in Eurovision. so it is worth continuing this tradition, and why not pursue global productive activity”

(Emil Kuslokov, for Bulgaria’s return to Eurovision)

British production company the big sponsor

We may not yet know who is hiding behind Bulgaria’s return to the contest, but what we do know is that it is a large British production company, for which the BBC sent an hour-long video to BNT to use in its presentation.

According to Emil Kuslokov, the company has major projects and collaborations with international stars such as Beyonce.

The company will choose both the song and the artist to represent Bulgaria in Rotterdam on May 12, 14 and 16, hoping to continue the success of the country in the competition.



The news has now been confirmed by the Bulgarian public broadcaster Twitter account, the tool BTN has used for so many years to make announcements about the contest.



We may have had the withdrawal of Hungary in the past few days, but today we have been informed of the return of Bulgaria, which together with Ukraine, after their absence this year, will make the event a bit  more interesting.

In 2018, Bulgaria was represented by Equinox with “Bones”, taking 14th place:

Source: 24chasa.bg

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