Eurovision 2020: Who are the possible presenters of the show?

Although we are still eight months away from the next Eurovision event, more and more information is coming to light about our favorite institution.

This time, the news is about Eurovision’s keynote presenters in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in May.

So, according to the Dutch songfestivalweblog website, the names of the presenters will be officially announced between late November and early December, with discussions expected to start and contract signings slipping within days.

Three people in the presentation?

According to the same website, although it has not been finalized, the number of presenters at the upcoming event will not exceed three, while there are currently 4 names that are the most prominent for the presentation, of which 3 will be selected.

The first name is Dionne Stax, who has just joined the potential of the Dutch channel AVROTROS and seems to have a significant lead in presenting the contest. Another hotly-debated name is Jan Smit, who has been a Eurovision commentator for the Netherlands in 2011, who said he would be honored to present the event. Also, the names of Herman van der Zandt and Winfried Baijens appear to have been put on the wish list, which are part of the NOS potential, one of the three channels that have taken over Eurovision in the Netherlands.

Other names that are rumored but less likely to present the competition and which belong to the country’s public broadcaster staff  are Amber Brantsen and Annechien Steenhuizen (NOS), Rik van de Westelaken, Tim Douwsma, Buddy Vedder and Romy Monteiro (AVRO) Witzier and Lucille Werner (KRO-NCRV), Nadia Moussaïd (VPRO) and Astrid Joosten and Emma Wortelboer (BNNVARA).

At the same time, Tooske Ragas and Nance Coolen do not belong to any television station, but have expressed their desire to present Eurovision 2020.

 Roos Moggré Press Conference Presenter?

Along with the names of the main presenters, the site also mentions the name of Roos Moggré as the presenter of the press conferences after each rehearsal of the missions, after the end of the semifinals and the grand final, and so on, as well has also presented other press conferences on Eurovision. Another name for the presentation of the press conferences is Koos van Plateringen.

Source: songfestivalweblog

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