France: With a national final for Eurovision 2020

In an interview with a local media outlet, France’s Public Channel Entertainment Director Alexandra Redde-Amiel confirmed that France’s next entry will be selected for another year through a national final.

As she stated, while discussions have begun and they have agreed that they are certain of a national final, what is left now is to see if they will follow the same format and name as they did last year. What is important for the channel right now is the country’s participation in the Junior Eurovision event in Poland next November.

[…] We think a lot. We are open to everything, we put all the questions on the table. What is certain is that the show will return. In what form and by what name, it has not yet been decided. […]

(Alexandra Redde-Amiel, Director of Entertainment,France Televisions)

France has been selecting its representative for the last two years through the national final Eurovision Destination. From the first year, the final has been loved by many friends of the competition, but also by the French public, as it is the most popular show of the night.

The second version of the Eurovision Destination was won by Bilal Hasani with the song “Roi”, which traveled to Israel for the sake of France and finished 16th in the Grand Final.

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