Greece: ERT’s intentions for Eurovision 2020 | EXCLUSIVE

ERT has already begun planning the method for choosing its entry in Eurovision 2020. Last week, the Greek broadcaster had the first discussion for the matter. A final decision has yet to be made on how the next Greek representative will be selected, although the official announcements will not be late.

Which is the predominant scenario for the selection of the Greek entry?

As we have told you so far, there are no definitive decisions on how ERT will decide its entry. But there are intentions. According to the exclusive information available to us, although it has been suggested, the scenario of the national final with various artists seems to be moving away.

What seems to be the most likely scenario at the given time, as the discussions go on and everything can be overturned, is the internal selection of an artist and then the selection of the song in a show for that purpose, with the participation of the public and jury vote. ERT, following this method, will announce much sooner than usual the artist and then make a public call to the creators to submit songs for that artist.

Of course, this is the dominant scenario, but it is not excluded that both the artist and the song of choice are internal, just as happened with Katerina Duska and Better Love this year.

Why is not the national final favorable?

ERT considers that the latest results in the contest do not allow for significant participation in the possibility of an open national final. Thus, the short-term plan of the Greek Public Television is to first improve their results (beginning in 2020) and to organize a national final in 3-4 years, when the interest from the most popular artists and creators will be greater.

Soon the project manager of Eurovision 2020 will be selected

As we have written in our previous article, ERT intends to place a project manager as an external partner, who will essentially take over as executive director of the whole project. To find sponsors, to select partners, artist etc

There have already been some discussions about potential persons and soon this issue will be closed by ERT. Dimitris Papadimitriou’s participation in the selection process this year should also be considered a given, since he is a member of the board of the company, and he is also responsible for all ERT’s music programs.

Any discussions will continue in the coming days. We will have the official announcements most probably in the coming month!

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