San Marino: Aly Ryan submitted 7 songs for Eurovision 2020

The candidate for the German national final in 2019, Aly Ryan, after announcing that she had sent a bid to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2020, also expressed her interest in another country.

Yesterday through her Twitter account, she revealed that she had sent 7 songs to San Marino public television, SMRTV. However, SMRTV has not yet responded to her emails.

The 23-year-old singer, who is ready to compete at Eurovision, has already submitted 5 songs to claim the Swiss representation in Rotterdam, while she, along with two others, has filed them on San Marino television.

Aly Ryan was a contender in the 2019 German national final Unser Lied für Israel, which, though one of the big favorites to represent the country, was limited to 4th place and missed the opportunity to represent her country in Israel.


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