Spain: Blas Cantó to sing in Spanish at Eurovision 2020?

Blas Cantó is one of the first singers to be announced for the Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam. RTVE, Spain’s public broadcaster, for the first time after 2015 selects its representative with direct assignment.

In an interview on the Europa Press website, the 28-year-old artist revealed some early information about the song he is about to perform in the Ahoy arena. Specifically, he stated:

“An attempt is made to interpret the song in English, as this will enable Europe to understand me. However, it is not necessary for people to understand what I am singing. The music is universal”

Still,he continues:

“I don’t want to sing a ballad but not to have a party on stage. On stage, I probably won’t be alone, but I’ll have someone with me. It all depends on the song we will choose”

Blas Cantó is 28 years old and has become known in Spain as a member of boyband Auryn. He is considered one of the most popular artists of his generation and his selection is certainly a pleasant surprise, as Spain has not accustomed us to select artists. It is not the first time it has been associated with the contest, having participated in the Spanish national final for Junior Eurovision in 2004, and in 2011 tried his luck at the national final for regular Eurovision with Auryn.

Source: Europa Press


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