The Netherlands: DENK invites Palestine to Eurovision

Representatives of the DENK party at the Rotterdam city council have asked the mayor and the city’s executive council about Palestine’s acceptance of the upcoming Eurovision song contest to be held in the Netherlands in May 2020.

In the context of the Middle East peace process, we would also like to see Palestine participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Any country that is an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) may participate in the contest. Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya are also members.

The 4 representatives of the party also added that:

In the context of association and mutual acceptance, it is the ideal time for Palestine to get involved in the competition.

The municipality of Rotterdam has no right to which countries can participate in the contest and which can not, as determined by the EBU. Therefore, DENK board members are asking the city council to put pressure on the NPO public channel to invite Palestine to the competition.

The DENK party is based in the Netherlands and calls itself a “movement”. Ideologically, it is based on acceptance among people, within a just society based on international law. At the same time, it aims to eliminate racism against immigrants and to diversify education. The party has been accused, among other things, of close connection with Erdogan’s conservative party in Turkey.

Palestine at Eurovision

The Palestinian public broadcaster, PBC, was an affiliated member of the EBU. In 2007, it applied for full membership and thus was eligible to participate in Eurovision, which was ultimately rejected because it did not meet the prerequisites.

The issue of Palestine has not left the Eurovision Circle unaffected either, with the culmination of this year’s Israeli event. Both the invitation of organizations and politicians / celebrities in various countries to boycott this year’s event, as well as the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Madonna, as well as Iceland’s representatives waving the Palestinian flag during the pre-election campaign. reactions in Israel resulting in a fine on the latter by the EBU.

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