The Netherlands: Floor Jansen of “Nightwish” gives her answers about Eurovision 2020

Floor Jansen,”Nightwish” singer, in a recent tv interview, expressed her interest in a possible entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. In a radio interview yesterday (22/10), she clarified whether she would be interested in representing the Netherlands in the competition to be held in Rotterdam in May.

Yes to Eurovision, but not to 2020

Floor Jansen says no to her possible entry into the Contest, though as she explains, this cannot happen in 2020, as she has obligations both as a solo artist and with “Nightwish”, as a tour with therm is scheduled for next year.

“It would an honor for me to have  such a proposal (to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision), but I could not now! I have my own tour this time and in 2020 we have scheduled concerts with Nightwish”

Floor Jansen Nightwish singer

At her 38th, Floor Jansen has already had an important career. She has been the singer of “After Forever” and since 2012 she has been the lead singer of “Nightwish”, a band with a significant worldwide career.

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