Bulgaria: Victoria Georgieva in Rotterdam

Bulgaria’s Public Broadcaster,BNT, has announced that 22-year-old Victoria Georgieva will represent the country in its comeback in the contest!

Recall that as BNT General Manager Emil Kuslokov revealed at the end of last month, Bulgaria’s return to Eurovision was made possible by a British production company, which was responsible for all the costs of participation. As revealed in today’s BNT press conference, this company is Ostereo.

In addition to the sponsor announcement, however, the BNT also unveiled Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2020 representative in Rotterdam in May. This is Victoria Georgieva, 22 years old who became known to the Bulgarian public through her participation in the fourth edition of X Factor, 2015.

Although the judges over the past three years mostly didn’t go to Victoria in the Lives, 2015 was her year. She was named Adele of Bulgaria and although she was not the final winner, having left 9th Live, her performances were perhaps more impressive than all the contestants.

The song, with which will compete on stage at Ahoy Arena, will be selected as an internal selection by Bulgarian Public Television, the sponsored production company and the artist’s team. It will be announced in March with the release of the relevant video clip. At this point it should be noted, however, that in the summer she was recording in the studio with Borislav Milanov, who was the composer of all of Bulgaria’s performances from 2016 onwards.

Below you can hear her latest single, released a few months ago:

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