Croatia: Dora 2020 on February 29th | Through Dora at Eurovision 2021 as well

The head of production company Opatija 21, which was responsible for organizing this year’s Dora as well as the Dora 2020, revealed that the selection of Croatian participation for Eurovision 2020 will take place in the city of Opatija on February 29th.

The deadline for submitting applications for Dora 2020 has already begun, and it appears that Croatian public broadcaster has already signed an agreement with Opatija 21 to co-operate in organizing Dora in Opatija in 2021.

The same company helped the municipality of Opatija to bring Dora to their town.

“We have reached the end of negotiations to sign a private agreement for a two-year partnership with HRT Public Television for the coming years”

(Igor Stok on behalf of Opatija 21 for Dora 2020-2021)

In his interview, Igos Stok revealed that the agreement states that the Dora 2020 will take place on February 29 in Opatija. So far there has been no official confirmation by Croatian public television.

In Tel Aviv, Croatia was represented by Roko Blažević with the song “The Dream”, composed by Jacques Houdek, who represented Croatia at Eurovision 2017. Unfortunately, he was ranked 14th in the second semifinal and so did not qualify for the final.

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