Cyprus: Changes to Candidate Songs for Sandro Nicolas! EXCLUSIVE

Cyprus is still consulting on the song that Sandro Nicolas will be asked to perform at Eurovision 2020 in May.

Change to the three candidate songs by Sandro Nicolas

RIK is in constant contact with the artist and his team to come up with the song that will represent Cyprus in Rotterdam. The aim is, of course, to continue the good presence of Cyprus in the contest, with a good artistic appearance. RIK’s  people are working feverishly for this.

So the three songs that were considered as likely were:

-Mucho Calor (dance track)
-Can’t Look Away (mid tempo)
-Never Let You Down (pop modern track)

Some artistic disagreements between the two songwriters and the artist’s team led to their withdrawal.

Two new songs to the nomination list

Of course, this didn’t bother RIK, as two new songs have already been added to the nomination list, without adding another one.

Thus, the songs that are now candidates to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2020 are:

-My getaway
-Falling to pieces
-Never Let You Down

CyBC has not officially announced Sandro yet, though it is not expected to be delayed, after the latest details of the deal have been settled. So far the overall response from fans is more than positive!

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