Czech Republic: Cyril Hirsch is the new Head of Delegation

Just two days after announcing that Jan Frost Bors is leaving his position as the Chief of Delegation, Czech public broadcaster immediately reflected back by announcing his successor.

Cyril Hirsch was chosen as the new leader. Hirsch is a production manager on public television in this Central European country and has been working on the tenth season of “StarDance” (the Czech version of “Dancing With The Stars”) for the time being. Hirsch has been directly linked to Czech participation in Eurovision in recent years, being the country’s deputy head of delegation.

The burden the new boss is carrying is clearly heavy, as his predecessor,Jan Frost Bors has been the leader of the Czech delegation for the past four years, leading the Czech Republic to the Grand Final three times, culminating of course in 2018 when with Mikolas Josef and “Lie To Me”, took the sixth place!

The Czech Republic will choose its representative for the Eurovision 2020 song contest on 25 January in Prague. Eight songs will duel for the ticket that will take them to Rotterdam’s Ahoy Arena in May. This will be the first time since 2008 that the country of Central Europe will elect its representative through a television final.

Will Cyril Hirsch continue to keep the Czechs in the way of successes as his predecessor? We will see…


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