Eurovision 2020: The draw of Semi-finals on January 28

The City of Rotterdam has announced the important dates ahead of the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place on May 12, 14 and 16 at Ahoy Arena. Of course, what interests most fans is the date for the draw of semi-finals, which will take place on January 28.

Significant dates on the road to Eurovision 2020 are as follows:

-Reference Group meeting on 11 and 12 November, 27 January and 8 March
-Tel Aviv Delivery Ceremony in Rotterdam and Semifinal Draw on January 28
-Heads of Delegations Meeting on March 9th
-Red carpet on May 10
-Stand in rehearsals and dress rehearsals from April 27 to May 16

Based on the above, all songs should be submitted to the EBU by 9 March at the latest. The first meeting of the Reference Group will take place in Rotterdam next week, essentially marking the transition from Israel to the Netherlands. The formal transition will take place on January 28, when the Mayor of Tel Aviv will hand over the competition keys to the Mayor of Rotterdam.

Source: Rotterdam

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