Finland: The country decides on March 7th through UMK

Finland’s public broadcaster, YLE, yesterday announced that the country’s selection for Eurovision 2020 will take place on March 7, through UMK 2020 of course.

Unlike what has happened in the last two years, Finland is returning to the open option.

From now on, one week, until November 7, interested parties can submit their entries online using the official UMK 2020 website.

Each artist can submit as many entries as he / she wishes, but only one is allowed to participate in the UMK 2020 finals. Foreign artists, as well as performers, are permitted, as long as there is at least one Finnish artist and one Finnish performer in each song’ s conduction (a Finnish national or a permanent resident).

The finalists will be announced on January 21st. On the same day, the committee chosen by them will be unveiled. UMO 2020 will consist of one night only and no tickets will be sold. For the first time, UMK will not take place in Helsinki, but in Finland’s second largest city, Tampere.”

The last time Finland selected its representative with an open selection was in 2017, with Norma John singing “Blackbird”, while,although we were considered as big favorites, were limited to 12th place in the First Semifinal with 92 points.

Source: ESCXtra
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