Greece: What is going on with Eurovision 2020?

For another year, ERT,the greek public broadcaster confirms how cumbersome the Greek bureaucracy  is. Although, as you read in our previous articles, three meetings have already taken place in the broadcaster’s HQ, white smoke does not yet exist.

ERT is still trapped in procedures and committees. Neither the art committee that proposes to ERT the way, but perhaps the artist who will represent us in Rotterdam, have been announced, nor have discussions with any artist been significantly advanced.

Stefania mentioned a few days ago on a greek private tv channel,SKAI,is indeed a possibility, but it is possible that they will end up in another person as ERT is heading in other directions as well … Dimitris Papadimitriou will also play an important role in the selection of the artist this year, and as we have told you in the past, the new management of Greek Public Television has turned away from professionals who have had a lot of success in their assets, but in this case as well come to some agreement with them.

What we hope for is that ERT has realized exactly what a competition like Eurovision requires and any experiments will finally stop. Fortunately or unfortunately, Eurovision has been fully commercialized in recent years and the level of the competition has risen sharply. It may  take examples from RIK, which for another year with a specific plan, sends an artist who fits into the style of contest, claiming the best result for 2020.

The experiments of recent years have not yielded any positive results and if Greece want to succeed after seven years on the left side of the table, it must “fight” with the same weapons, leaving the tip ideas and stereotypes. In addition, the new administration should, at its option, signal the change of page that it announces that it brought to ERT!

So waiting, with fewer meetings and more actions!


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