Maruv: “I would go to Eurovision but only as a guest”

During the 26th MTV Europe Music Awards in Seville, Spain, Maruv gave a brief interview about her career and her desire to be on the Eurovision stage or not.

“I wanted it too, but that is life. Now I have other desires and other dreams, and I wish one day to go to Eurovision, but only as a guest. I would love this. But not this year”

(Maruv, MTV Europe Music Awards 2019)

After an unpredictable, and perhaps the most talked-about national final of this season, Maruv crowned Vidbir 2019 winner and got the ticket to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision contest  in Tel Aviv. However, her origins and relations with Russia deprived her of the right to travel to Israel, and eventually the country withdrew from the competition.

Despite the fact, Maruv has achieved great success and has been named best singer in Russia at the awards. You can watch the interview by clicking here.

Source: formulatv

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