Norway: That’s how its represenative will be selected

Escnorge reveals more details on how MGP 2020, Norway’s national final for Eurovision 2020, will take place.

As we wrote in our previous article, MGP 2020 will consist of six shows, five semifinals and the grand final.

1st Semifinal, 11/1 – Northern Norway
2nd Semifinal, 18/1 – Central Norway
3rd Semifinal, 25/1 – Western Norway
4th Semifinal, 1/2 – Eastern Norway
5th Semifinal, 8/2 – Southern Norway
Final, 15/2 – Oslo

Each semifinal will feature four songs in duels (as in Melodifestivalen’s second chance) and the final winner will qualify for the grand final. But along with the five songs that will come out of the semifinals, another five songs  that have been directly qualified and selected by the jury that evaluated all submissions  will compete in the grand final of December 5th .

The names of the finalists will be announced on January 3, while the names of the contenders in each semifinal will be announced on Monday before each semifinal. The day before each semifinal the songs will be revealed while at the semifinals we will have the opportunity to listen to  a song by the live finalists.

The results of both the semifinals and the final will be determined exclusively by the television audience.

MGP chief Stig Karlsen revealed that just like in 2019, at MGP 2020 we will have big names of the Norwegian music scene. Presenters will be announced in December. The semifinals will take place at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, next to Oslo Airport, with the grand final being traditionally at Oslo Spektrum.

This year, Norway was represented by KeiiNO after their victory at MGP 2019 with their song “Spirit In The Sky”, which took sixth overall in the Grand Final, but won the audience’s vote.

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