Spain: Positive to host Junior Eurovision 2020 if Melani wins

The Spanish delegation to Glivice is positive to host the next Junior Eurovision Contest if Melani wins.

The head of delegation told Bluper that all the Spanish delegates at this year’s competition want very much for their country to host Junior Eurovision 2020, since of course they win with Melani.

“This is something that the RTVE administration should decide. I can’t speak for them. As a mission we would love it very much and it is something that I believe will be appreciated. But I don’t want to think about it now. For the moment I prefer to have fun”

The statement comes as there are dozens of reports on the internet about the passion that Spanish fans are taking part in the online poll that opened yesterday afternoon, of course supporting their own country, but also Portugal and Wales, two countries that they consider not to will claim the victory.

The last time Spain hosted one of the Eurovision competitions was in the distant 1969, and since then they did not want to host the contest even in 2004 when they won the Junior Eurovision.

Below is the second Spanish rehearsal with Melani:

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