Sweden: Drängarna in the list of participants of “Melodifestivalen” too

According to Aftonbladet, the well-known Swedish dansband group Drängarna will take part in the Swedish national final, Melodifestivalen for the first time.

On the occasion of its 25 years of operation in the Swedish music industry, the band found the appropriate song to participate in the upcoming Melodifestivalen 2020 event.

The same source revealing the band at Aftonbladet says they had submitted songs to the country’s national finals and other seasons as well, but had apparently been rejected.

In this way, Drängarna will become the 11th participant of this year’s Melodifestivalen 2020. The other names that have secured a place in the semifinals are:

-Amanda Aasa (from P4 Nästa)
-Victor Crone
-Hanna Ferm
-Jakob Karlberg
-The Mamas
-Albin Johnsén
 -Suzi P.
 -Liza Bengtzing
 -Frida Öhrn
 -Paul Rey

At the same time, two names are targeted by SVT, but so far they have not confirmed their participation:

-Eric Saade

Recall that 14 of the 28 participants of the Melodifestivalen result from SVT’s  open invitation to  creators, 13 are selected through an invitation of SVT and 1 is from the P4 Nästa radio competition.

Who are the Drängarna?

The Drängarna were formed in 1995 and the same year they became famous with the song “Vill du bli min fru”. It consists of four men, Robert Åhlin and Olav Fossheim, who have been in the band since its inception, while Magnus Olsson and Anders Wigelius have joined the band in recent years.

Source/Image: Aftonbladet

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