Albania: Candidate songs to be unveiled on 9 December | Foureira, Mahmood, Giusy Ferreri on Fik stage

A short while ago, Albanian public broadcaster announced that the 20 songs participating in the 2019 Festivali i Song will be announced on Monday, December 9th.

The 20 candidates for the Festivali i Kenges to claim the Rotterdam ticket are:

1. Albrei Hadergjonaj
2. Aldo White
3. Arilena Ara
4. Bojken Lako
5. Devis Xherah
6. Eli Fara & Stress
7. Elvana Gjata
8. The Era of Russia
9. Gena
10. Genc Tukiqi
11. Kanita Suma
12. Kamela Islamaj
13. Castro Zizo
14. Olta Boka
15. Renis Gjoka
16. Robert Berisha
17. Sara Bajraktari
18. Tiri Gjoci
19. Valon Shehu
20. Wendi Mancaku

Interval Acts by favourite Eurostars

A few days ago, we informed you that explosive Eleni Foureira will make her appearance at FiK 2019.The news now seems to be confirmed with the sexy singer getting ready to set fire to the stage once again.

He may not have won this year’s Contest, but he made the most success of any artist. The reason for Mahmood to land on the FiK stage for a strong appearance.

Finally, a great Italian artist also announces this in Albania’s largest festival.

Guisy Ferreri who has taken part in San Remo in the past, will also come to the FiK stage to impress us once again with her distinctive voice.

The two FiK semifinals will take place on December 19th and 20th, while the Grand Final, where we will also learn Albania’s 17th representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, will take place on December 22nd. Alketa Vejsiu will be the host of the Festivali i Kenges 58.


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