Albania: That’s how the judges voted on FiK58-Elvana was the first international judges choice! EXCLUSIVE

Following the shock of unexpected Arilena victory for many, or better, Elvana’s defeat, Albania’s Public Television (RTSH) will air results of the judges. According to our exclusive information, Arilena’s victory came from the ratings of the two Albanian judges. In contrast, foreign judges gave Elvana the best.

Each judge rated the final 12 songs of the FiK58 final from 1 to 10, 13 and 18 points, starting with the song they liked least. To make it better, each judge assigned 1 score to this song they liked less, 2 to the next, 3 to the coke, up to 18 points to their favorite.

According to our exclusive information, the three foreign judges (D. Kontopoulos, C. Bjorkman, F. Bergsson) gave Elvana an excellent score (18 points), but Arilena also was ranked high. In contrast, the two judges from Albania gave Arilena the best, but they voted low for Elvana! This is how Arilena came first and Elvana second.

So, the comments of the foreign judges on the way to vote for Elvana in May in Rotterdam have no basis whatsoever, as the Albanian judges have basically judged the result.

Full confirmation of EurovisionFun after the Albanian public television announced  the detailed results.

Arilena scored 67 points and Elvana 64. Dimitris Kontopoulos, Felix Bergsson scored 18 points for Elvana and 13 for Arilena. Christer Bjorkman gave 18 to Elvana and 10 to Arilena. In contrast, the two Albanian judges gave Arilena 18 and 13 points and Elvana just 8 and 2 points respectively.

You can view the detailed results HERE.


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