Croatia: Goran Karan withdraws from Dora 2020

A few hours after Croatia’s public broadcaster, HRT, announced the participants of the Dora 2020, the national final through which the country will select the country’s representative in Eurovision 2020, Goran Karan announced his withdrawal.

Goran Karan, who represented Croatia at Eurovision in 2000, explained the reasons for leaving Dora 2020:

“The song “My Legacy Is Love” in the format sent to Dora differs significantly in the lyrics, music, orchestration and duration from what I sang at my concert in Visoki, Bosnia and Herzegovina. So, in order to avoid all possible misunderstanding, I decided to withdraw the song “My Legacy Is Love” from Dora. In this way I want to close any point of contention and misunderstanding, since, as the verse says, “my heritage is love”

Goran Karan

After Goran Karan’s withdrawment, he was replaced by Elis Lovrić with the song Jušto. Now, the list of 16 candidates for Dora 2020 is as follows:

  1. Marin Jurić Čivro – Naivno
  2. Edi Abazi – Coming home
  3. Mia Negovetić – When it Comes to You
  4. Colonia – Zidina
  5. Zdenka Kovačićek – Love, Love, Love
  6. Lorenzo feat Dino Purić & Reper iz sobe – Vrati se iz Irske
  7. Jure Brkljača – Hajde nazovi me!
  8. Damir Kedžo – Divlji vjetre
  9. Lorena Bućan – Drowning
  10. Alen Vitasović & B. Matija Čerina – Da se ne zatare
  11. Aklea Neon – Zovi ju mama
  12. Indira – You Will Never Break My Heart
  13. Nikola Marjanović – Let’s forgive
  14. Đana – One
  15. Bojan Jambrošić – Više od riječi
  16. Elis Lovrić – Jušto

The final of Dora 2020 will take place in the city of Opatija on February 29, with the winner to represent the country in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest and emerge after the jury and the television audience vote.

The national final Dora was the main selection process for the Croatian envoy from 1993 to 2011, and returned in 2019 to select Roko and “The Dream” song, but failed to win the gold ticket for the Grand Final after reaching the 14th place in the semifinal with 64 points.

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