Elvana Gjata: “The two points I received will not stop me giving love”

Two days have passed since Arilena’s victory in FiK58, as the two Albanian judges rated Elvana very low and denied her victory. The popular singer who failed to win, though she was the big favorite via her Instagram profile, made a statement that while wishing Arilena good luck, she does not hesitate to show her bitterness and annoyance at the Albanian judges’ ratings.

“I refuse to speak at such moments but this time I have to do it…

Arilena … you’re not alone in anything, I really wish you good luck. I want to thank my fans and my new European fans for supporting me since the release of “MeTana”. I saw the polls, I saw you sing and dance to my song every day, I saw you in the arena with your hands up. I heard you all scream under my name all over Pristina, and I heard it last night in Tirana like never before.

My heart is full of joy! I worked hard and will work until my last breath. The job never destroyed me, with or without command. Thank you very much to the European judges who voted for me the most. Not even Mikaela’s 2 points can stop giving me love.

Accept life with everything

Enjoy life with everything”

Elvana’s announcement came hours after Alketa Vesjiu, the festival’s presenter, made a statement, which also shifted her arrows to Mikaela’s rating and the 2 points she gave to Me Tana. We remind you that Arilena won by only 3 points difference, so the 2 that she received from Mikaela was essentially what deprived her of her victory.

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