Eurovision 2020: EUR 12.4 million for Eurovision 2020 from the dutch government

In today’s announcement, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education and Media, Arie Slob, said that the Dutch government will give 12.4m euros to hold the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam in May.

The budget was accepted by the ministry at the request of the Dutch public broadcaster NPO, one of the country’s three public channels, which will contribute to the production of the contest.

“With the contribution above, I hope that the Eurovision song contest will be a great success”

Arie Slob, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education and Media

Both the Grand Final and the two semifinals are estimated to cost around 26.5m euros. The NRO is committed to 2.5 million, AVROTROS will cover 2 million, and the 9.6 million will be covered by both the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), sponsors and sales of tickets.

Conditional cost coverage

In his report, the Minister has set the precondition for the delivery of money, such as the public channel to place particular emphasis on the access of people with mobility difficulties and the participation of students:

“I have placed particular emphasis on access to the Eurovision song contest by people with mobility problems. I suppose the NPO will pay particular attention to this issue. Also, the involvement of students in the whole process is essential. This was expressed as a clear wish by the House during the legislative consultation. I have informed the NPO and I want to make further arrangements on this “

He closed his report, hoping that “the Eurovision song contest will be a great success”.

“With the above contribution, I hope that the Eurovision song contest will be a great success. Its transmission will create national and international links, while helping to promote the Netherlands”

The channel full of satisfaction

In a statement made to RTL Boulevard, NPO President Shula Rijxman welcomed the government’s contribution:

“I am very pleased that the government is ready to contribute financially to this unique, international television event. The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most exciting European traditions waiting for millions of people each year. The two-week Rotterdam event and all three top-quality television productions will positively boost the whole Dutch cultural, creative and innovative industry “

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 12, 14 and 16 May 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the developments related to our favorite competition.


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