Eurovision 2020: The contest so far or “The Good EurovisionFun’s Calendar”

With 160 days left for the biggest celebration of music, less than half a year, the interest in the entire european continent begins to peak. It also contributes to this, in addition to breaking the 12-month mark as we are already halfway through, the fact that as December is moving forward,the first national final,that of Albania is going to take place which means that we can officially talk about the beginning of the key processes: artist and song!

Across the European continent, the participating countries and their public broadcasters are preparing feverishly for the finding of the best act and the most impressive appearance in general.

ESC 2020, as is well known, will take place on 11-16 May 2020 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands with the two semifinals taking place on 12 and 14 May,respectively and the grand final on Saturday 16 May at Ahoy Stadium. We also recently learned about this year’s Euroclub venue, which will be Maassilo. Our slogan for this year is “Open Up” and this year’s logo is as below:

Image result for open up eurovision

In addition, the first pictures of the stage were released as well as details of its construction and the event’s setting up while the creative team that will lift the burden of this year’s semi-finals and grand final was announced. The stage was designed by Florian Wieder and the composition of the creative team is as follows:

  • Eric van TijnMusical Director 
  • Gerald van WindtChoreographer
  • Natasja Lammers–  Choreographer
  • Sietse Bakker-Head of Show
  • Twan van NieuwenhuijzenHead of Contest
  • Marnix Kaart–  Show Director
  • Marc PosShow Director
  • Florian Wieder- Designer

-Participating countries

Although the deadline for broadcasters’ submitting applications  – substantially, countries  – has expired in October, EBU only in mid of November, released the official list of participating countries. So, 41 countries,will parade on Ahoy’s stage this year and more specifically, :

  1. Albania (RTSH)
  2. Armenia (AMPTV)
  3. Australia (SBS)
  4. Austria (ORF)
  5. Azerbaijan (ICTIMAI)
  6. Belarus (BTRC)
  7. Belgium (VRT)
  8. Bulgaria (BNT)
  9. Croatia (HRT)
  10. Cyprus (CYBC)
  11. Czech Rep. (CT)
  12. Denmark (DR)
  13. Estonia (ERR)
  14. Finland (YLE)
  15. France (FT)
  16. Germany (ARD/NDR)
  17. Georgia (GPB)
  18. Greece (ERT)
  19. Ireland  (RUV)
  20. Iceland (RTE)
  21. Israel (IPBC/KAN)
  22. Italy (RAI)
  23. Latvia (LTV)
  24. Lithuania (LRT)
  25. Malta (PBS)
  26. Moldova (TRM)
  27. Netherlands (AVROTROS)
  28. North Macedonia (MKRTV)
  29. Norway (NRK)
  30. Poland (TVP)
  31. Portugal (RTP)
  32. Romania (TVR)
  33. Russia (Channel One)
  34. San Marino (RTV)
  35. Serbia (RTS)
  36. Slovenia (RTVSLO)
  37. Spain (TVE)
  38. Sweden (SVT)
  39. Switzerland (SRG SSR)
  40. Ukraine (UA:PBC)
  41. United Kingdom (BBC)

Together with us in Rotterdam this year there will be two countries abducted last year (Bulgaria and Ukraine), while we will not see two others (Hungary and Montenegro) which travelled traveling to Tel Aviv last year.

Of these, 35 will split and compete in the two semifinals, with only ten of each semifinal qualifying for the grand final where they will meet the host countries and the Big 5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom),as they qualify directly to the final. So in total we will see 26 countries claiming the grand prize.

Artist and song: The crucial choice

As time goes on, the key question, of course, that concerns all Eurofans across Europe is “who and what”! Who will represent each country and with what song? There are basically two options for this choice: internal selection (by the broadcaster) and national final (which includes active public participation). There is no EBU rule for this choice, and each country is free to choose, without necessarily having a regular method.

In view of the above, let’s have a  look in detail at the information available to us so that each of the 41 participating countries will choose to participate this year*:

        NATIONAL FINAL                      DIRECT ASSIGNMENT            NO INFORMATION
ITALY*** United Kingdom
LATVIA CZECH REP. (on-line voting)


So, it seems from the above table that:

-22 countries will hold national final

-14 will select internally and

– for 5 more we have no data

* Of course, it should be noted here that the above data can at any time change and some countries may change the designation for this year’s selection.

**France used the national final “Eurovision Destination” last year to select its representative and it looks like it will do the same this year. However, the information we receive from France 2 is ambiguous and there is a high likelihood of making an internal selection this year.

***Italy uses for the selection of its representative the famous San Remo festival, which is also the ancestor of ESC, but it is not compulsory the winner of this festival to represent the country in Eurovision as well.

To date, the artists we know are:

-Spain: Blas Cantó

-Belgium: Hooverphonic

-Cyprus: Sandro Nicolas

-Bulgaria: Victoria Georgieva

In the last hours, there are also rumors that Austria will choose Vincent Bueno.

Save the dates!!!!

But let’s look in detail now, especially as since December we are getting into full Eurovsion mood, the key dates by country regarding the selection procedures for this year’s contestants, so as not to miss any critical developments for your beloved country and our beloved contest.

Let’s start with the the countries that will choose through a national final:

1.Albania: 22 December- Final Fik 58 (traditionally, the first country with a national final which decides)

2.Armenia: 31 December- End of entries submission at “Depi Evratesil”

3.Australia: 8 February- Final “Eurovision: Australia Decides” 

4.Croatia: 29 February- Final “Dora”

5.Denmark: 7 MArch- Final “DMGP” (Dansk Melodi Grand Prix)

6.Estonia: 13 & 15 February-Semifinals “Eesti laul”

29 February-Final “Eesti Laul”

7.Finland: 21 January-Finalists announcement, UMK 2020 (Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu)

9 March- Final UMK 2020

8.Georgia: Final “Georgian Idol” in late December (if the last year’s nine-week format will be followed)

9. Iceland: January-Announcement of 10 finalists, Söngvakeppnin 2020

8 & 15 Februatry-Semifinals öngvakeppnin 2020

29 February-Final  Söngvakeppnin 2020

10.Israel: HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion (Rising Star) is already being aired but no date for Final announced

11.Italy: 4 February-10 first Campioni present their entries at San Remo Festival

5 February- 10 next Campioni present their entries at San Remo Festival

6 February-Cover night for all 20 Campioni

7 February-2η Cover night

8 February-Final San Remo Festival

12.Latvia: 8 February-Final “Supernova 2020”

13. Lithuania: 8 December-End of entries submissions at Eurovizijos Atranka 2020

14. Malta: 8 February-Final “X Factor 2020”

15. Norway: 11 January- 1st Semi final “Melodi Grand Prix 2020”

18 January- 2nd Semi final “Melodi Grand Prix”

23 January- 3rd  Semi final “Melodi Grand Prix”

1 February- 4th  Semi final “Melodi Grand Prix”

8 February- 5th Semi final “Melodi Grand Prix”

15 February- Final “Melodi Grand Prix”

16. Portugal: 22 & 29 February- Semifinals Festival da Canção 2020

7 March- Final Festival da Canção 2020

17. Serbia: 9 December- End of entries submissions at Beovizija 2020

18. Sweden:  1 February- 1st Semifinal Melodifestivalen

8 February- 2nd Semifinal Melodifestivalen

15 February- 3rd Semifinal Melodifestivalen

22 February- 4th Semifinal Melodifestivalen

29 February- Second Chance Melodifestivalen

7 March- Final Melodifestivalen

19. Ukraine: 22 February- Final Vidbir

So far,we have no information on the course of their national finals from France, Romania and Slovenia.

As far as the countries that will internally select, we have the artist only from Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

The “good EurovisionFun” calendar!

MONTH                                        DAY                                   COUNTRY                                   EVENT
DECEMBER 9 Albania  Song release Festivali i Këngës
19 Albania 1st show Festivali i Këngës
20 Albania 2nd show Festivali i Këngës
22 Albania Final Festivali i Këngës
JANUARY 6 Czech Rep. Artists announcement for the internal selection 
11 Norway 1st show Melodi Grand Prix
13 Czech Rep. Songs release  for the internal selection
18 Norway 2nd show Melodi Grand Prix
21 Finland Artists announcement for UMK 2020
25 Norway 3rd show Melodi Grand Prix
28 ESC 2020 Tel Aviv Delivery Ceremony in Rotterdam
28 ESC 2020 Semifinals Draw
FEBRUARY 1 Sweden Α΄Semifinal Melodifestivalen
1 Norway 4th show Melodi Grand Prix
4 Italy 1st show San Remo Festival
5 Italy 2nd show San Remo Festival
6 Italy 3rd show San Remo Festival
7 Italy 4th show San Remo Festival
8 Australia Final Eurovision: Australia Decides
8 Sweden Β΄Semifinal Melodifestivalen
8 Norway 5th show Melodi Grand Prix
8 Iceland 1st Semifinal Söngvakeppnin
8 Ukraine 1st Semifinal Vidbir 2020
8 Malta Final X factor 2020
8 Italy Final San Remo Festival
8 Latvia Final Supernova 2020
13 Estonia Α΄ Semifinal Eesti Laul 2020
15 Sweden 3rd show Melodifestivalen
15 Estonia Β΄ Semifinal Eesti Laul 2020
15 Iceland 2nd Semifinal Söngvakeppnin
15 Ukraine  2nd Semifinal Vidbir 2020
15 Norway Τελικος Melodi Grand Prix
22 Sweden 4th  show Melodifestivalen
22 Portugal Α΄ Semifinal Festival da Canção 2020
22 Ukraine Final Vidbir 2020
29 Sweden “Second Chance” Melodifestivalen
29 Portugal Β΄ Semifinal Festival da Canção 2020
29 Croatia Final Dora 2020
29 Estonia Final Eesti Laul 2020
29 Iceland Final Söngvakeppnin 2020
MARCH 7 Denmark Final Melodi Grand Prix 2020
7 Sweden Final Melodifestivalen 2020
7 Portugal Final Festival da Canção 2020
7 Finland  Final Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2020
9 ESC 2020 End of deadline for songs submissions 
9 ESC 2020 Head of delegation Meeting
APRIL 4 ESC 2020 Eurovision in Concert, Amsterdam
10 ESC 2020 Eurovision Pre-Party, Madrid
27-16\5 ESC 2020 Stand-in Rehearsals
MAY 10 ESC 2020 Red Carpet Show
12 ESC 2020 A΄ Semifinal  ESC 2020
14 ESC 2020 B’ Semifinal ESC 2020
16 ESC 2020 Final ESC 2020


Meantime, Eurovision  2020 Committee in Rotterdam unveiled  on Wednesday the three hosts of the shows, the presenters of the two semifinals and the grand final which are: Edsilia Rombley, Chantal Jansen and Jan Smit.


Finally, regarding the heads of national delegations, we should note here that we still have no information on the issue except from three resignations, that of Czech Jan Bors,Italian Nicola Caligiore and French Steven Clerima,with two of them having already been replaced (Czech Rep-Cyril Hirsch and France-Alexandra Redde). Also, the German Head of delegation had been replaced after his retirement and Alexandra Wolfslast took his place. Also, the first Meeting  of the Referrence Group has taken place on November 11-12, with two more meetings already scheduled for January 27 and March 8.

As far as the tickets concern, the first of three waves of tickets for the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will begin on Thursday, December 12th, 12:00 pm CET. The 2nd and 3rd wave will take place in late January and mid March respectively. Exact dates are expected to be announced at later time. Read all the details about the ticket HERE.

So slowly starting our long journey to Rotterdam, the situation is shaped as follows:





Albania (RTSH) National Final

“Festivali i Këngës 2019”

Armenia (AMPTV) National Final

Depi Evratesil

Australia (SBS) National Final

Australia Decides

Austria (ORF) Internal Selection
Azerbaijan (ICTIMAI) ?
Belarus (BTRC) ?
Belgium (VRT) Hooverphonic Internal Selection
Bulgaria (BNT) Victoria Georgieva Internal Selection
Croatia (HRT) National Final

“Dora 2020”

Cyprus (CYBC) Sandro Nicolas Internal Selection
Czech Rep. (CT) On line voting
Denmark (DR) National Final

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020

Estonia (ERR) National Final

Eesti Laul 2020

Finland (YLE) National Final

“Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2020”

France (FT) National Final?

Destination Eurovision”

Germany (ARD/NDR) Internal Selection
Georgia (GPB) National Final

“Georgian Idol 2019”

Greece (ERT) Internal Selection
Iceland (RUV) National Final

“Söngvakeppnin 2020”

Ireland (RTE) Internal Selection
Israel (IPBC/KAN) National Final

HaKokhan HaBa L’Eurovizion”

Italy (RAI) National Final (?)

“San Remo Festival”

Latvia (LTV) National Final

“Supernova 2020”

Lithuania (LRT) National Final

Eurovizijos Atranka”

Malta (PBS) National Final

X Factor”

Moldova (TRM) Internal Selection
Netherlands (AVROTROS) Internal Selection
North Macedonia (MKRTV) Internal Selection
Norway (NRK) National Final

“Melodi Grand Prix”

Poland (TVP) ?
Portugal (RTP) National Final

“Festival da Canção 2020 “

Romania (TVR) National Final (?)

Selectia Nationala 2020″

Russia (Channel One) Internal Selection
San Marino (RTV) ?
Serbia (RTS) National Final

“Beovizija 2020”

Slovenia (RTVSLO) National Final

“Evrovizijska Melodija 2020”

Spain (TVE) Blas Cantó Internal Selection
Sweden (SVT) National Final

“Melodifestivalen 2020”

Switzerland (SRG SSR) Internal Selection
Ukraine (UA:PBC) National Final

“Vidbir 2020”

United Kingdom (BBC) Internal Selection

Keep this table and watch it filling in !!!

That’s for now!!! Stay tuned for all the latest developments in each country but generally for our favorite Contest as well as for all the updates in the above information in order no to miss ANYTHING!

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