Hungary: Kati Wolf and AWS disagree over Eurovision withdrawal

As we informed you in our previous article, Hungary will not participate in Eurovision 2020. The “A Dal” regulations, used since 2012 as Hungary’s national final for Eurovision, did not mention the Eurovision contest, and part of the regulations were in breach of EBU regulations, which meant that the “A Dal 2020” would have nothing to do with the country’s participation in Eurovision. Finally, it was not on the official list of the EBU, with the countries to take part in Rotterdam.

At the same time, people around the world have reported from major news agencies (Independent, BBC, The Guardian, etc.) that the real reason for Hungary’s withdrawal from the competition is its excessive gay element, according to the country’s government, which has been disputed by itself.

Domestic reactions

Many were the domestic artists in Hungary, who opposed the decision of their country’s public broadcaster.

In an interview on RTL channel, the country’s representative  in 2011, Kati Wolf, said that she has gained something from her participation in Eurovision. Specifically, it states:

“I have won a lot of fans thanks to Eurovision. Since joining Eurovision in 2011, I’ve been traveling and appearing all over Europe and I think we need to go, make an appearance and not sit at home”

Finally, she did not omit to mention what’s he would like to not only participate in A Dal but to represent Hungary again in Eurovision!

Kati Wolf represented her country in 2011 with the song “What About My Dreams”, where she finished 22nd with 53 points.

AWS represented Hungary at Eurovision 2018. The band’s leader, Örs Siklós, also commented on Hungary’s non-participation in Eurovision 2020.

“Every country is trying to send in an artist who is a little different and stands out, either in his music, appearance and work or in his style. That’s what differentiated us from the rest, and it was so amazing to see Eurovision fans, who are usually not familiar with metal music, lure us in and love our music. And I think we’ve gained a lot from our participation in Eurovision. It is very sad that Hungary will not participate in the next Eurovision. Honestly, I wasn’t attending the competition before we got in, but this year I was watching everything and supporting Joci”

AWS, with the song “Viszlát nyár”, placed Hungary 21st with 93 points.

This is the fourth time Hungary has withdrawn from the Eurovision contest. The first time was in 1999, when sustained for six years. It returned in 2005, abstained in 2006 in Athens and returned the following year. It last absence was in 2010, when for financial reasons the country preferred to stay away.

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