Ukraine: Andrey Danilko as a judge for another year at Vidbir 2020

The announcement of the first judge  for the Ukrainian Vidbir 2020 was made by the UA: PBC public broadcaster on the selection of participation in Eurovision 2020.

For another year, actror and singer Andrey Danilko, known to contestants as Verka Serduchka, will be in the judge’s chair, and along with other judges, will make up 50% of the national final vote.

“It is the 5th year in the jury panel, but my selection criteria have not changed: the main thing is that the country will be well represented and competitively represented in Eurovision. I hope this time, both the television audience and the jury will choose the most deserving representative from Ukraine. Otherwise, why is this all? ”

Andrey Danilko has been a judge of the Ukraine national final since 2016, the first year Vidbir has been held, while 2017 has been dominated by Jamala, the winner of Eurovision 2016, and since 2018 Yevhen Filatov, founding member of the “Onuka” band.

Although there have been rumors of Jamala’s withdrawal this year, there has been no official confirmation. As the channel reveals, we will soon know the rest of the judges who will frame Andrey Danilko.

Vidbir 2020 will be for another year with two semifinals on February 8 and 11, and a Grand Final on February 22. Sergey Pritula will be presenting for the fourth consecutive year.

In 2019, Maruv and “Siren Song”  won the national final of the country and were due to travel to Tel Aviv. However, its participation violated the rules of the channel, which brought the two sides into disagreement, and ultimately the withdrawal of Ukraine from the competition, just days after the national final.


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