US: With entries by state the US song contest as Christer Bjorkman reveals

An interesting interview was given by Christer Bjorkman at Mellopodden and talked about the processes being done in the US for the creation of the American song contest.

Last year, Christer Bjorkman literally split his time between Sweden and the US, having taken over Eurovision’s move across the Atlantic on behalf of EBU. Together with his compatriots Anders Lenhoff, Ola Melzig and Peter Settman, all of Melodifestivalen’s production partners, they have taken over the creation ff the American song contest rom scratch.

Christer Bjorkman thinks it’s time to move Eurovision to America, as traditional music contests (Pop Idol, X Factor, The Voice, etc.) are losing their momentum.

From what Christopher Bjorkman has always said in the American song contest, the various US states will compete.

“Interestingly, each state generally has a rather distinct musical identity, along with, of course, its adjacent states as well. This will almost automatically give us a variety of types of music in the competition”

Christer Bjorkman for the American Song Contest

As with regular Eurovision, both established and young artists will participate. After the end of Melodifestivalen 2020, Christer Bjorkman and his team, after fully defining the product, will present it to American television stations to buy it.

The interest already says it’s big, since everyone who works in television in the US knows Eurovision, they just wonder how it can be done in their country.

There is great interest in this. Next summer, we need to know if this will happen and how.

After four years where Christer Bjorkman was a Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, he will only travel to Rotterdam as Sweden’s only dead of delegation. The focus of his interest is now abroad and as he typically states, it is something that intrigues him.

“It’s so fun to work on something new. It feels a bit like finding another jar of jam in the closet I’ve never seen!”

The American Song Contest is planned to come to our screens sometime in 2021. Unlike the Eurovision Asia Contest, which has swamped for political reasons, at least as Christer Bjorkman claims, he is optimistic that this project will go ahead as it concerns one only country!

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