Albania: After the Heads of Delegation meeting on March 9th,the revamp of Shaj

According to various Albanian media reports, the final version of Shaj, revealed by Arilena, will be made public with the video clip after the Head of Delegation meeting next Monday, March 9th.

The video clip is in the process of being filmed, which means there is no time left for it to be released next week. Albania’s head of delegation will normally submit his country’s song for Eurovision 2020 at this meeting in Rotterdam on Monday, May 9, but we will hear it a few days later.

The final version is highly radio without losing the identity the song originally had. Finally, it was emphasized that Shaj’s revamp will be mainly in English, just like the original version Arilena had taken before FiK58.

Below you can see photos of Arilena from the video clip shooting:

But until we see the video clip and listen to the final version of Albanian entry, let’s recall Arilena’s appearance on FiK 58:

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