Belgium: Hooverphonic want to join Eurovision 2021, but with another song

Hooverphonic say they are ready to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021 after failing to do so this year due to the pandemic and cancellation of the contest. In fact, Alex Callier wants to do this with a different song, since “Release Me”, by May 2021, will sound old.

So far there has been no announcement from either Flemish Public Television or French-speaking about what is likely to be born with Belgium’s next competition.

We remind you that Belgium represents Flanders on a rotating basis, one year on Flemish television, and one on French public television. This year, it was Flanders’ year. So in order for Hooverphonic to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021, French-speaking television should be chosen.

Listen to “Release Me”, Belgium’s entry this year, below:

Source: songfestival

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